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We're Meliora

We want to bring you all-natural products that inspire a healthier, sustainable way for us all to live.

We came up with an idea…

Our quest began as we reflected on our family’s lifestyle at home – you soon realise how precious health is. Our idea for a health movement began in books, blogs and and awareness of – searching for answers as to how we could help people who are becoming chronically sick through lifestyle-related illnesses. 

Healthy habits start at home

Many people realise they need to make lifestyle changes to look and feel better, but unless you know different, it’s hard to make that change. In fact, a large number aren’t aware of the damage household-brands have on our health. It’s true that changing healthy behaviours is difficult, so to develop healthy habits, we believe that consumers should be given the education and choice of pure, organic and healthy alternatives.

Health is more than just food and exercise

It’s not just the food and drinks we consume, but the products we use at home – from cleaners to beauty. Toxins surround us every day. For example, the average home contains at least 62 toxic substances – mostly in-home care and cleaning products. Which means it has a negative impact on our health over time as our environment becomes hazardous to our long-term health.

“We believe that convenient access to clean, toxin-free, healthy consumer products is at the core of sustainable change.”

As we continue to build our luxury portfolio of partners, we are constantly adapting to and welcoming new trends in the industry. With more clean, vegan and organic beauty brands than ever before across skin, hair and body care, we have everything onsite to suit every individual beauty need and concern.

MELIORA is part of ZONECT LTD, a globally renowned distributor of health, wellness and beauty products specialising in taking brands direct to consumers across the globe.

MELIORA is driven by a desire to create brilliant customer experiences, which are built from the insight and data executed through our integrated technology and expertise. Widening access to premium health, wellness and beauty products and empowering men and women all over the world. Dedicated to delivering the very best in health, wellness and beauty, we also have an onsite blog led by our team of experts.

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